What happens to money during a Nationwide Grid Blackout?

Since money in Checking, Savings and Retirement accounts is digital, I’m planning for the worst and expecting to never see that money again if a Nationwide Grid Blackout takes place. To prevent losing all of your digital currency, one thing you could do is convert some of it into hard assets like FOOD, WATER, SHELTER, FIRST AID, TOOLS/WEAPONS, COMMUNICATION, ENERGY SOURCES, TRANSPORTATION as well as some CASH, SILVER and GOLD. During a Nationwide Grid Blackout, CASH and SILVER could be useful immediately after the Grid Blackout takes place for buying some last minute items that you may not have collected already. But GOLD and SILVER can be saved for after a Nationwide Grid Blackout ended and a new currency is established so you can convert your GOLD and SILVER into the new currency.